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8 marathons in 8 days to feed a hungry child | Run For Hope Pilgrimage
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Follow Christo's progress as he prepares for the big event. During the event, we will post daily updates so that you can follow him along the way.

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Important dates to note

Wherever you are while Christo’s running his Pilgrimage, please try to take some time to do something special for the elderly folk in your life or community.

21.08.22: Senior Neighbour Day (Global)
27.09.22 to 04.10.22: Older Persons Week (South Africa)
25.10.22 to 31.10.22: Active Ageing Week (South Africa)

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Run for hope Training program|Christo van der Berg|

Training Programme

To be able to run The Pilgrimage of Hope (the equivalent of eight marathons) in eight days, Christo knew he needed a pro trainer. He was introduced to Cobus Fourie at C4 Coaching who’s a certified Iron Man coach. Coaching began in October 2020 and is progressing extremely well for Christo to achieve his goal.

As training progressed, Christo realised he needed more support for the physical demands of his training regime. He joined a pilates class, run by Natasha Wallendorff at My Gym, which continues to be a vital part of his weekly training.

Then, during a two-day trail run in Montagu, Christo didn't have the strength demanded by the  realised he needed to add strength training to his preparation. He was introduced to personal trainer, Andre Brand from Step Up Sport who also adding his ongoing expertise to Christo’s training team.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 - Stellenbosch to Franschhoek

Distance: 33km

08:00 Start at the Communitas premises in Stellenbosch for the first 13km leg of the Pilgrimage

09:30 Anticipated arrival at the Congregational Church in Pniel

10:00 Depart from Pniel's Congregational Church for an 18km leg to Franschoek

11:57 Arrive at Franschhoek's NG Kerk

12:15 Leave Franschhoek for the final 5km stretch to the neck of Franschhoek on Day 1

12:55 End of Day 1.

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Day 2 - Franschhoek to Rusty Gate

Distance: 44km

08:00 Start at Mount Rochelle parking (Franschoek Pass Neck) for a 28km run

11:05 Arrive at Villiersdorp NG Church

11:35 Depart Villiersdorp NG Church for the day’s second leg (18km)

14:15 Arrive at the Helderstroom Junction, Rusty Gate to end Day 2.

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Day 3 - Rusty Gate to Wolfkraal

Distance: 50km

08:00 Start at the Helderstroom Junction for a 20km run to the Moravian Church in Genadendal 10:10 Arrive at the Moravian Church in Genadenal

10:35 Depart from the Moravian Church for a 30km stretch to Wolfkraal

13:55 Arrive at Wolfkraal and end Day 3.

Day 4 - Wolfkraal to Volmoed

Distance: 48km

08:00 Start at Wolfkraal for a 15km run over the Pass to Dassiesfontein, Volmoed.

09:40 Arrive at Dassiesfontein

10:10 Depart Dassiesfontein for a 26km leg to the Karwyderskraal Junction

11:15 Arrive Karwyderskraal Junction for Volmoed 

11:45 Depart Karwyderskraal Junction for Volmoed (7km) 

12:45 Arrive at Volmoed where Day 4 ends.

Day 5 - Volmoed to Gansbaai

Distance: 43km

08:00 Depart Volmoed for Hermanus High School (13km)

09:25 Arrive Hermanus High School and continue to Grotto and 10th Street (6km)

10:05 Arrive at Grotto & 10th Street

10:35 Continue on the beach to Normandi Street, Gansbaai for 18.5km

12:35 Arrive Normandi Street, Gansbaai

13:10 End Day 5 at Gansbaai NG Church after a final 5.5km leg.


Day 6 - Gansbaai to Elim

Distance: 41.5km

08:00 Beginning in Gansbaai, today’s one long stretch of 41.5km.

12:30 Arrive Elim to end Day 6.

Day 7 - Elim to Springfield

Distance: 28km 

08:00 Depart Elim and run 28km

11:05 End Day 7 in Springfield.

Day 8 - Springfield to Agulhas

Distance: 25km

08:00 Depart Springfield and run 12km to Aasfontein

09:20 Arrive Aasfontein

09:35 Depart Aasfontein and continue running along the beach for 12.5km to Suiderstrand.

11:50 After 5km, arrive at the southern-most tip of Africa in Agulhas after crossing the cove.

Pilgrimage of Hope
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