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Where the rubber meets the road

By Emma Rowberry
Published on 16 October 2021

Ps 183:8

Die Here sal vir my alles goed laat afloop. Aan U liefde, Here, is daar geen einde nie.

The Lord will work out his plans for my life, for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.




… And he’s off! After eight months and many hours of training in the gym, on the tar and trails, as well as loads of logistical planning, Christo’s Pilgrimage of Hope has begun.


While many supporters were concerned about the weather (a typical Cape kind of bucketing down sort of day) when ask about it, Christo’s reply was, “ya, but it’s nice and cool for running!” This sums up the spirit and positivity of this Pilgrim. If there was any trepidation about the challenge awaiting him there was no sign of it as Christo warmed up at 07:30 and supporters gathered to wish him well for the road ahead. He was raring to go!


And a gathering it was! Warmed by coffee from the Road Rage Coffee Beatle, Christo’s family, friends, BNI supporters, Alisha de Lange and her highly energetic team from Helpende Hand, and Ds Frederik from Communitas were there to show their support.


After a pilgrim’s prayer led by DS Frederik and heartfelt thanks from Alisha for the fundraising support generated by Christo’s Run for Hope to feed children in need, Christo and his eldest daughter Lizeri set off from the Communitas headquarters in Stellenbosch.


The first leg of today’s run was 13km from Stellenbosch to Pniel where Christo was met by the children and Reverent Kluyt of the Congregational Church. From there, another 18km saw Christo arrive at Franschhoek's NG Kerk where he was welcomed by Mara and Eugene before his final 5km stretch to the neck of Franschhoek Pass.


Today’s summary in Christo’s words:


What’s on the menu for breakfast?

Banana, two fried eggs, and a protein shake.


What’s the weather forecast?

Rainy with spots of sunshine


Start time:



Finish time:  



What’s for supper?

Chicken, roast veg and brown rice, yummy!


How did you feel at the start of day one?

Go, go, go – let’s get the party started


Highlights from the day’s run?

The crowd and excitement at the start, everyone who ran with me, especially Lizeri and my coach, Cobus.


Challenges on the day’s run?

To keep a steady pace when I just wanted to go, go, go! The cold and rain were tough, especially during the last 4km before Franschhoek with the rain and wind on the trail to Mont Rochelle.


Who did you meet today?

Pniel primary school kids, reverent Kluyt from Pniel. Mara & Eugene from Franschhoek.


What motivated today when the going got tough?  

The kid’s faces in Pniel.


What fueled your run?

4 bananas, 2 eggs and 1 purity mix with Startwell cereal


Who would you like to thank today?

Communitas for the use of the route, everybody that came to the start, Rev Kluyt in Pniel, and Mara and Eugene in Franschhoek.


How did you feel at the end of day one’s run?

Freezing, “wind verwaai” and stiff, but extremely happy!

For photos 'On the Run' visit Day 1 Gallery


Pilgrimage of Hope
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