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On top of the world

By Emma Rowberry
Published on 17 October 2021

Esra 7:28

Ek was vol moed, die Here my God het sy hand oor my gehou.

I took courage because the hand of the Lord my God was on me.

Another gloomy start for day two, with promises of some spots of sunshine. But as always, Christo’s in great spirits.


Starting at 08:30 from Mont Rochelle’s parking area at the neck of Franschhoek Pass, Christo mentioned that he felt a little stiff but that, he says, passed quickly once his ‘joints were oiled’!


The mission today is 44km. Beginning with a 28km stretch from Mont Rochelle to Villiersdorp’s NG Kerk. At Villiersdorp, Jaco Swart a fellow BNI Business Partner and friend, and DS Chris Franken from Villiersdorp’s NG Kerk joined Christo for much of the next 18km stretch to Rusty Gate.

Run for Hope

08:15 Happy chap

Run for Hope

09:13 Still a happy chap

Run for Hope

10:09 Superman spotted at Theewaterskloof!

Run for Hope

With stiff thighs but otherwise on top form, as always, Christo reached the Helderstroom Junction at Rusty Gate at 15:49 to celebrate the end of day two.

Highlights from today in Christo’s words:


What’s on the menu for breakfast?

Banana, two fried eggs, and a protein shake


What’s for supper?

Jaco se boerewors rolls (early supper after the run). Late supper? A Red Riding Hood basket (lasagna, garlic bread and salad). Lekker!


Highlights from the day’s run?

The uncles in their MGs (Chris Gewitt and Nelis Lampreght) and meeting DS Chris Franken from Villiersdorp NG Kerk who ran with us for a while.


Challenges on the day’s run?

Villiersdorp mountain.


Who did you meet today?

The vintage car gents, DS Chris and Bianca Franken, and Mariette De Villiers-Graaff. Thank you for the time we spent together.


What motivated today when the going got tough?



What was the number one takeaway from today’s meetings?

The olive tree that Villiersdorp NG Kerk is sending as Message of Hope to Genadendal’s parishioners.


Is there a special message you want to share from the day?

You don’t always need words on paper to send a message.


What fueled your run?

3 bananas, 4 eggs, 2 purity mixes with Startwell cereal, 2 small potatoes, 4 litres of drinks, 6 winegums, 1 small bag of peanuts and raisins, and 2 Farbars.


Who would you like to thank today?

Michiel and Ria came from Strand, as well as Jaco Swart and Jade Buckfield from Somerset West came to support me. Huge thanks to Jaco for running over the Villiersdorp Mountain with me, and to Chris Franken who joined us for a while.


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Pilgrimage of Hope
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