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Run for Hope 2022
In Aid Of
Ten Bate Van

Join Our Pilgrimage

& Assist the Elderly
Starts in 53 days
8 marathons in 8 days
9 passes
1 to 8 October 2022
Ashton to Clanwilliam
Christo van der Berg Pilgrimage of Hope
Old age is not an illness. It is something that affects us all.

A devastating number of older people live in isolation and neglect, with little help and support from their families, communities, or the government.

An international study about how countries care for their elderly once again proves that our government is unable to provide for the needs of our country’s elderly.

Increases in government subsidies to old age homes have almost ceased, and the last time subsidies for old age homes in the Eastern Cape were adjusted was in 2006. The same is true for many of our provinces. This means that the elderly have to make ends meet with the same income, even though their cost of living increases year on year. It also means that vital services for the elderly have been scaled down or stopped, which has a very negative impact on the quality of their lives.

The state’s reluctance to increase these subsidies also means that needy elderly people – who only receive a meagre old-age pension from the state – usually cannot afford lodging in an old age home. The only option left for them is some form of accommodation in someone’s backyard – without care facilities – where they then live in squalor and eventually die.

The elderly have a rightful place in society and deserve to grow old with dignity.

Join Our Pilgrimage
& Help Preserve the Dignity of the Elderly

The Route

Christo's route this year starts at Ashton and covers 360km over 9 mountain passes, to end in Clanwilliam 8 days later. Along the way, he and his team will stop at various towns and hamlets and engage with the local community, to talk about Run for Hope and the journey to spread the awareness of the plight of the elderly.

You will be able to follow Christo via a live link that will be posted on the website, or by reading his daily blogs on the website, or by visiting our social media pages for daily updates.
Where's Christo?
Ashton to Clanwilliam Pilgrimage of Hope
Donations to help the elderly

How Can You Help?

To help Christo accomplish his dream, not only in the form of event sponsorship but also to preserve the dignity of as many elderly ladies and gents as possible, please consider donating to this worthy cause..

There are several ways to help:

1. Sponsor the event or make a donation towards event logistics

2. Donate through our payment portal

3. Pledge food or goods needed by Solidarity Helping Hand to support the elderly

Please donate to help us move the sponsorship bar to an all-time high!
Help an elderly person

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Pilgrimage of Hope
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