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Following a debilitating injury to both knees, in 2021 veteran runner Christo van der Berg challenged himself to run South Africa’s equivalent of Spain’s Camino de Santiago. Run for Hope was born of one man’s pilgrimage to run eight marathons in eight days to feed hungry children in South Africa.

Now, in 2022, Christo is once again running 8 marathons in 8 days, but this year he’s upping the ante by adding 9 passes to his challenge. This year his chosen charity is once again Solidariteit Helpende Hand (Solidarity Helping Hand) where funds will be gifted for elevating the dignity of the elderly.

Christo van der Berg Running for Hope| 8 day pilgrimage

Our Story

We are so thankful for all the contributions received since the Run for Hope project started. The 2021 Run for Hope received donations and sponsorships of almost R80 000!

Have you found a painted stone?

People around the world paint or decorate stones that they then hide for others to find. They carry different messages – some are just colourful and fun – there to brighten someone’s day. Others deliver messages of hope, love, faith, etc.

Run for Hope has hidden stones around the Cape for people to find in the hopes of raising awareness for those less fortunate or those battling hardships in our communities. So often these people are right on our doorsteps and we may be completely unaware of their plight.

Keep a lookout for our painted stones, and when you find one:
  • Take a photo of yourself holding the stone.
  • Post/tag the photo on social media to show where you found it.
  • Then either place the stone back where you found it for someone else to find.
  • Or take it with you and place it in a new location.
  • Don’t forget to take another photo and mention where you’ve put it.
  • If you like, feel free to keep the stone – but please do help spread the word (we appreciate it)!
  • Check our Facebook page to see where others have found stones!
Where's Christo?
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How Can You Help?

To help Christo accomplish his dream and assist Solidarity Helping Hand, please consider donating to this worthy cause.

There are several ways to help:

1. Sponsor the event or make a donation towards event logistics

2. Donate through our payment portal

3. Pledge food or goods needed by Solidarity Helping Hand

Pilgrimage of Hope
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